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There are few DVD burner software from AVS Video tools such as AVS Video Converter, AVS DVD Authoring, AVS Video Editor, AVS DVD Copy etc.

Here you can see AVS Video Converter (Most Popular DVDs Burner Software) РCreating DVD Files and Burning DVDs.

You may need an external dvd burner to do this project.

dvd burner software

To burn a DVD, your movie document must be converted to some structure required for DVD (VOB) creation:

1. Click To DVD button on the Main Toolbar
2. Enter Input File Name
3. Enter Output File Name
4. Select the necessary DVD profile
5. Click the Edit button to add some effects
6. Preview Input and Output File properties in the Advanced Settings to make sure that the result as you wish
7. Press the Convert “Now!” button
8. If the output file is too big the disk selection window will open:
dvd burner software

You may want to record your movie if you have a double-layer disc. In this case select Double-layer DVD disc option then click OK. If your file is too big for a single double-layer disc you can use an option to Shrink to 1 disc or Split to 2 (or more) discs. In the first case the video will be converted with reduced quality so that it could fit a single disc. You should check if the quality is enough for you before you burn the movie onto a disc.

After AVS Video Converter converts your input file to a format needed for DVD creation depending on chosen DVD profile. We’d like to draw your attention to the following: creating DVD you should not set output file name, just select the folder where the folders containing files needed for DVD creation will be located. These folders will be named as VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. After that the disc will be recorded using the internal program burning engine.

AVSVideoTool has best dvd burner software for PC/Windows operation system which can fulfill you needs. You can visit AVS4You Online-Help page where you can find out more about CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs Burning Guides here or you can download other dvd burner softwares here.

Please check out AVS Video Editor or Digital Video Recorder software here.

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