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How to convert video to PSP

How to Convert Your Personal Video to PSP

Do you know how to convert video to PSP? AVS Video Converter is a good software to convert videos to PSP compatible format.

Beside AVS Video Converter software, you also need PSP playback cable.

Step 1
Please download AVS Video Converter, run the AVSVideoConverter.exe file then active it.

Step 2
Start run the software and choose the input video file

To choose a movie you need to convert hit the Browse… button then select the Input File Name field. In the opened Windows Explorer window browse for the necessary video file:

Step 3
Choose conversion parameters of your PSP

After you finish to select the movie input file, press the Devices tab of the Main Toolbar and click the Sony or Consoles menu. In Profiles list, then you can choose one of the profiles.

If you are a novice user, you can select one of the default profiles: Normal or High Resolution

Or you can press the Advanced >> menu to set the PSP profiles manually in the Output File menu of the Conversion Options tab.

Step 4
Set up a proper video output file path

Click the Browse… button next to the Output File Name field and select a location on your HDD for the output video file.

Step 5
Convert your video files

Then you hit the Convert Now! button to start converting.

You can visually judge the conversion process if you hit the Advanced>> button.

When the process is over the following window will be opened. Press the Upload… button to start using AVS Mobile Uploader.

Step 6
Transfer the converted video file to Sony PSP. Connect your Sony PSP to your computer with the help of a cable. Turn on the device.

Then you can AVS Mobile Uploader to help you through the uploading process and you can send your converted video file to your Sony PSP with no difficulty.

If AVS Mobile Uploader does not display PSP, you should click the Find Devices to look for it:

When you click the Upload>> button the upload process itself will take place. It will take some time depending on the output video file size.

Now you can enjoy videos on your PSP.

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How To Convert Video to iPod

How To Convert Video to iPod

You just bought an iPod and want to watch a video using it, but you don’t know how to convert video to iPod. AVS Video Converter is a good software to help you and enable you to transfer a video to iPod with only a few mouse clicks.

Step 1
Download and install the software

You need to download the software first and install it then you can run the AVSVideoConverter.exe.

Step 2

Apply the software and Choose Your Input Video File

After you install AVS Video Converter, you can apply it then choose a video that you want to convert. Click Browse button then input File Name field then browse the video file.

Step 3

Define The Conversion Parameters

After you choose the video input file, click Devices tab of the main Toolbar and choose the Apple button. In Profile tab, choose resolution you want.

How To Convert Video to iPod

It is recommended to choose one the default iPod profiles:

– Apple iPod – (MPEG-4, 320×240)
– Apple iPod – (H.264, 640×480)
– Apple iPod – (H.264, 320×240)

Or you can manually set the iPod profile parameters by clicking Advanced button.

How To Convert Videos to iPod

Step 4

Define A Video Output File

Then you can set up a video output file path by clicking the Browse button next to the Output File Name field and choose a proper location.

Step 5

Convert Video Files

After all conversion parameters are set up, press the Convert Now! button to start conversion process.

Convert Video to iPod

You are able to visually choose the conversion process if you press the Advanced button.

Convert Videos to iPod

Then a window will show up, you can click Upload button to lauch AVS Mobile Uploader.
* Note: Once you buy AVS Video Converter, you also can download AVS Mobile Uploader

Step 6

Transfer Video To iPod

After the conversion process is complete, turn on your iPod then connect it to your computer.

The AVS Mobile Uploader software will guide you to upload the video so you can transfer your converter video to your iPod fast and easy.

In case AVS Mobile Uploader does not show iPod display, you can press the Find Devices button to find your iPod type.

The final step is to click Upload button to upload the video. It takes only some time to transfer.

Now you know how to convert video to iPod using AVS Video Converter.

Or you can watch this video guide how to convert a video for your iPod.

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Convert AVI to MP4

Last time we guide you how to convert MP4 files to AVI. Now you will know how to convert your AVI file to MP4.

It is very easy and fast to convert MP4 files from AVI using AVS Video converter.

Converting AVI file to MP4 Format

To convert AVI document to MP4 or other video format. You can follow this step.
1. Press To MP4 button on the Main Toolbar
2. Enter Input File Name clicking the upper Browse button
3. Enter Output File Name clicking the lower Browse button
4. Select MP4 Profile. First you need to open MP4 Profile Editor to edit window clicking the Edit Profile… button.
5. Press the Edit menu on the Main Toolbar to add some effects
6. Preview Input and Output File properties in the Advanced Settings to make sure that the result will satisfy your needs
7. Press the Convert Now! button

Now you know methods to convert AVI file to MP4 format. You can also visit Online-Help page to see other guides. It’s easy and fast to convert AVI to MP4.

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